Struggling with attachments

Hi, looking for suggestions here:

I’m struggling with adding attachments. I cannot figure out best way to attach an email contents. For example I recieve an email with barcodes or airline tickets etc. it would be nice if I could clip it like you can in Evernote. That way the whole contents is available in the task so I wouldn’t need to have a data connection at the time of doing the task.

Same goes for web pages, would be nice to be able to clip the page as you can in Evernote.

The only solution I can think of would be to generate a pdf of the web page or email and then attach it to the task. It’s a bit long winded and I’m looking for suggestions of an easier workaround.

I’d rather not be going back & forth to Evernote and also any link to Evernote requires a data connection which is the one thing I’m trying to avoid.


i just keep my attachments in Dropbox. On an iPhone, just star a file to force Dropbox to keep a local copy on your iOS device.

You can control click on a file in your Dropbox folder and copy the file URL link. Then paste that link in your task’s note.

@keypix, take a look at this thread re: your email capture question. I am able to grab whole emails with graphics in Yosemite with the script linked therein.

You can clip any Web page almost like in Evernote by using the Mail icon in the Safari toolbar.

Clicking it should open with a new message window. Select PDF from the drop-down menu just above the email body.

Finally, enter your OmniFocus Mail Drop address and you will receive the Web page as a PDF inline in the note of your task (task title is the subject line). The new task appears at the top of the OF Inbox after your next sync. The URL is even included as the top line of the task note.

Hi Thanks

This seems to automate the same procedure I was initially proposing which is to export a PDF. As far as I can see it’s just as easy to press Apple-P and email the PDF to my Omnifocus email. The nice thing about Apple-P is that it’s applicable to so many other apps.

Hi Wilsonng

I tried this method, thinking it would be a good way of keeping large documents out of Omnifocus but unfortunately the Dropbox link always take me to the web app. The same happens on the iPad too.

Yes, it does happen that way…

Usually, when I see a dropbox link, I just go back to Finder and open my Dropbox folder to grab the document. I usually don’t click on the link unless I don’t have the file on whatever computer I am working on.

On my iPad, I just star the document in the Dropbox app to make sure it is downloaded on to the iPad.

yeah, it’s not exactly smooth…

If you do reconsider Evernote (the links can point to either the application or to the Web site), the Premium service allows you to designate notebooks to be downloaded to the device. An extra step before you leave Wi-Fi, but you would at least avoid data when on the road.

Personally, I use DEVONthink Pro Office as my GTD reference manager. The links between it and OF work on both OS X and iOS.

You can save you attachments on google drive.