Stuck in trial mode - iOS v3

Very puzzling. I yesterday updated my v3 on my iPad to the latest version, then did a Restore Purchases. My Pro upgrade registered (“Purchased thank you”).

Now, however, when I today opened the app, everything was in read-only mode, and is now showing Trial (I just activated the trial in order to edit a document). The IAP page shows Pro Upgrade with Discount “Purchased thank you” and also an enabled Trial.

Can I assume once the trial period has ended, that I will retain full functionality?

I’ve done the uninstall / reinstall thing, without resolving the issue. My OmniGraffle iOS upgrade (and Omnifocus) works fine.


Darren, UK

All fine after downloading today’s update.


Sorry for any inconvenience this bug caused you! This issue should be resolved in OmniPlan 3.6.2 for iOS, which we released this afternoon.