Styling text with no children

I’m using OO to draft bylaws and there are many cases where a section has just text, with no children. Applying a heading style according to depth seems to work for most sections because they have subsections, but when there is no heading I have to do a lot of manual, per-row/per-property overriding. This is tedious in the extreme and I feel like it might end up being a dealbreaker for me.

I’ve tried using named styles to at least speed the process up but I’ve found I can’t override a lot of row style properties using named styles, so it hasn’t been working for me. Examples of this are if the third level row would normally be a subsection heading but has no children, I’d like to have a ‘plain’ named style to un-bold and remove numbering, but the named style doesn’t seem to override these attributes.

Is there a good solution for this? Am I approaching it the wrong way?

If you hold the Command key and drag a named style to a row, it will apply all the style characteristics needed to make that row only have the appearance of the named style + the base styling. You can use this with your ‘plain’ named style. If you then later want such rows to gain the heading style, you will want to use the Format > Clear Style option to remove everything that’s been applied to it.

Great, that helps me very much. Thanks for the tip!

If you’re ever lacking feature requests, a modifier+hotkey option to do this would be ideal!