Subgraph Connection Lines

Can I show connection lines in a subgraph? It doesn’t appear like I can, and this defeats the point of subgraphs!

When I create a subgraph, all connection lines disappear between elements that were there before the subgraph, ungrouping returns the lines. Why does this happen? When I try to draw connection lines back in, all elements behave erratically and in unexpected ways.

The only thing I can do is to make sure to select the connection lines and objects when making a sub graph. This initially s ok, unless I move the subgraph - when moved the lines get wonky, and I have to select it all and cick “lay out now” which kinda fixes things most of the time. I just can’t add lines AFTER a subgraph is made, so I need to ungroup, reslect, and then group as subgraph again. :(


PS. Using Omnigraffle Pro 7.4

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