SubMonokai Theme

A Monokai style dark theme that imitates the colour pallet of Sublime Text


Love this one! Thanks for sharing. I don’t have the font you used but updated the style to use Hack which is the font I use in Sublime Text.


Not sure what happens if you don’t have the font, but incase the name is not visible I used Adobe’s Source Code Pro

If the font is missing you’ll see a warning before the theme is activated. It still works but will use the system font instead. Thanks for the link, I’ll give that font a spin!

Thank you for giving me a new theme to procrastinate with before I do any work! ;-)

I also have the font issue, but in addition I’m getting some text style instantiation errors. I’m new to themes, so any tips on how to resolve this would be appreciated! Do I just find them and delete them?

Not sure why you are getting that error. Is it possible you aren’t using the latest version of OmniFocus2?