Substitutions - How to disable?

Smart Quotes, Smart Dashes, and Text Replacement are a major headache for the type of files I create with OmniOutliner. My content contains a lot of ‘source code’ snippets and the substitutions cause working code to break.

Is there any way to turn these features off by default. I’ve tried creating a template with them all turned off, but the template file doesn’t save my choices.

Any options or workarounds to avoid having to uncheck each substitution every time I create a new file?

Hmm… I’m not even sure where to turn those off. Are they in keyboard shortcuts?

While in text edit mode, right-click for context menu, choose Substitutions

I think that OO uses the mac’s settings (System Preferences > Keyboard > Text). So if you disable smart quotes and dashes there, then OO will not force substitutions upon you. Not sure what you can do about Text Replacement though. Might be worth sending an email to support.