Suggestion: After delete, go to next

This is maybe something that I’m the only one wanting, but I’ll give it a try:
When I review - or go through my Inbox - I enter the topmost action, give it the correct Tags and Project and then press the down arrow to go to the next action.
But if I’m deleting the action (which I do quite a lot), I am moved out from the Edit view to the List view.
This is tedious, instead I think you should go to the next Action.

Do I make any sense with this feature request?

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+1 on this request. Let me know if there is a more official place to support this enhancement.

Yep. In OF, the Help menu there is a “Contact Omni” alternative. Use that to send Feedback.
I’ll just send this in. If we are two… well it’s better than one. ;)

Actually, I think it’s a bug. I can’t imagine that’s the intended behavior.

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