Suggestion for best way to assign a task to a person

I’m new to Omnifocus 2. My wife and I share one instance of it.

Projects that are mini go into one folder. Projects that are hers go into another. Projects that are shared (which are a lot of them) go into another folder.

We want to use omnifocus to plan our week. At our weekly review we’ll look at the tasks we want to do that week, and use a context to assign a task to one of us, and set a date on it. For example - say there are 2 tasks. 1 - Call accountant. 2 - Return items to store. I’ll set the context on #1 to her, and the due date to wednesday. I’ll set the context on #2 to me, and the due date to tuesday.

Is there a better way to do this?

The next thing we want to be able to do is just view the forecast for our own tasks. So I can look at just the tasks assigned to me that I want to due this week and drag them around in forecast view so I have a balanced week.

Any tips on that?

Since you are both sharing it I think you made the right call by using contexts to divide the tasks between you.

Regarding the question of filtering the forecast view, I don’t believe that’s currently possible in Omnifocus however BriMercer suggested a workaround for that in this thread.

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WhiteJacob - thanks!

Using the search box on the forecast page works great! I just type in my name - and it limits it to just the tasks which I’ve assigned to one of my own contexts!

some contexts I have are:

  • Geoff
  • Geoff Work
  • Geoff Home

On the forecast page I search for Geoff and I only see items from those contexts :-)

I don’t have the iOS app yet - but if something similar possible in it?

Hi gevason,

Yes the search function is available in the forecast view in iOS.
If you don’t have it already I highly recommend it. It is my favorite iOS app and it makes it really easy to add things on the go (you can use Siri to do that) and now it also has the today widget that let’s you see today’s tasks in the notification view in iOS. Amazing!