Suggestion: Forecast Widget

The Forecast Widget (small size) on macOS, iOS, iPadOS wastes a lot of space in the “calendar” section, the part in which the previous day, today, and next day are shown. Can this be re-designed so that that section doesn’t take up so much space and therefore more space is allotted to upcoming tasks?

I don’t see a reason why the part highlighted “Today” needs to take up ½ of the widget. It’s a static number and all we need to know are two details: that it’s for today, and how many tasks remain; doesn’t need all that space.

Particularly on iOS where the screen is small, reducing the size of that “header” could be a really positive move.



I recommend that you email this suggestion to the Omni Group. You can drop them a line by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (Mac) and Settings > Help (iPhone & iPad).

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Thank you. I’ll do that

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