Suggestion: Make notes more useful


Often, I want to capture related information about an item or project; for example, some links, or some ideas on how to progress it. I might even want to link to a document that the item is about.

“Note” seems to be the field for this, but it’s not too useful.

  • First of all, it’s all the way at the bottom of the narrow right-hand pane, so it’s very small and hard to locate.

  • It’s also just unstructured text; links are clickable, but that’s about it.

My suggestion would be an option to make “Note” a separate pane at the bottom of the window (full-width), and to allow Markdown to be used in it (either auto-formatting it upon entry, or having an “edit” button to switch back and forth).


If you haven’t already, I recommend that you email the Omni Group at with these suggestions.

I make regular use of the Notes field in OmniFocus, though tend not to use it for detailed information. Instead, I include a link to a note (e.g. in Evernote or Google Docs) that contains details about the project/action. The advantage to this approach is that it’s easy to reference these notes even after the OmniFocus project/action is complete. Assuming the note-taking platform supports it, these notes can also be shared with other people.