Supplementing OmniFocus with

Do any of you use both Apple’s Reminders and OmniFocus (rather than use OmniFocus for everything)? I’m interested in learning how you tend to use both apps in everyday use. 🧐

I’m considering using Reminders for certain tasks that repeat daily to keep my OmniFocus Today view from becoming too cluttered.

I use OF mainly for project type actions, and repeating single task lists.
Reminders is my go to for shared lists and things like groceries lists, shopping lists and one off reminders.

I use Due for daily and regular small reminders I want to come to me (i.e. I don’t want to forget them) and OF for all other tasks where I sit down and plan what I want/need to work on.

I only use Reminders for lists shared with my wife.

I don’t see as an advantage to me using two apps instead of one. On the contrary, I use Reminders as a passthrough to get all my tasks to Omnifocus, whenever Reminders is a faster option than OF to input a task (i.e. through Siri or through Alexa - IFTTP).

I’d split the Today view in two separate lists in OF if one list is too cluttered rather than having the second list in a different app.

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