Support for iOS 9-style “when i'm in my car” reminders? [A: feature request filed.]

iOS 9’s reminders app includes a pretty useful new feature. When choosing “Remind me at a location” reminders now lets you select to be reminded when “Getting in my car” or “Getting out of my car”. It does this my knowing when your iPhone is connected to your car via bluetooth and I think, usb. Once your car connects to your phone or terminates the connection to your iPhone, you receive the alert.

This is incredibly useful for reminding me to do something before I actually leave instead of after i have already started driving away. It’s also useful to notify you of things you might want to do while in your car. Like clean up the empty bottles of Poland spring water, or make a phone call while driving, or listen to a podcast or audio book.

It would be awesome if I could assign, getting into, or, getting out of my car, to a context.

Taking the idea a bit further: It would be even more awesome if you could set that in addition to (instead of in place of) a location so you could be notified when in car and at a certain location, or allow some operator. like when getting into my car and at work. Or, getting out of my car or arrive home. Though it’s also possible this could be accomplished by nesting contexts.

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