Supressing undated actions

Is there a way to filter actions so that the ones without a defer or due date won’t show up in the list?

I find that I build a lot of projects, but until I give one of the actions a defer date, I don’t want to see the actions. I could put every project on hold, but it seems like a lot of extra work.

I could isolate them by grouping by Defer Date, and then all the undated ones will be grouped under “Available Now.” But what if I want to group them by Project or context? Is there another way to isolate them or hide them?

Thanks in advance.

I have a project called “Office Someday/Maybe” and set the project status to On Hold. Then I use the inspector to set the task’s project to Office Someday/Maybe. These actions get hidden from available because the project status is On Hold.

When I am ready, I set the task’s project to another project called Office Actions. The project status is set to Active.

Would this help?

Thanks for the idea, but it doesn’t really solve my problem.

I guess I have to mark a lot of projects on hold to keep them hidden.

Here’s the solution I’m going to try, in case it’s useful for anyone else:

I have a Keyboard Maestro macro that will make a “bookmark” for any project by creating a new action in the project containing a copy of the project’s name, and a URL link to the project in its notes.

From now on, when I create a new project, I’m going to create a new bookmark for it, and assign it to a new context called @LaunchPad. The bookmark will be the top action on the project list, and I’ll set the list to Sequential. This makes the bookmark available, but the rest of the actions in the project unavailable.

I end up with the @LaunchPad context showing me all the projects I’ve created but haven’t started acting on yet. When I want to launch a project, I click the bookmark link to open the project, and then I can mark the bookmark completed, and the next action will be available. Or I can change the project to parallel, and all the actions will be available.

I think this may solve the problem. Having the bookmark created by Keyboard Maestro gets rid of some friction. I’m going to program a new macro to make a bookmark that’s already assigned to @LaunchPad, so it’s just one button push to get it done.

I also may nest several other contexts inside of @LaunchPad, like @Launch-Work and @Launch-Family so that the growing list of things I’d like to do in the future will be more organized.