SVG Import too small

I am trying to import an SVG image but it is coming in much smaller than it should. I have been using PDF versions because of other issues with the SVG import. What do you need from me to see if this is an issue with the app exporting the image or an issue importing?

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You can open the SVG in a text editing application and see what size it is. The good thing about SVG is it is scalable as a vector. Can you easily scale it up in OmniGraffle? If you email us the SVG we can take a look. You can also open the SVG in Safari and see what size it is there. Keep in mind that some SVG features, like animation are not supported by our SVG import, but generally, your SVG should look similar to what it looks like in the browser in OmniGraffle (with a few limitations for web only features).



As it’s vector who is to say what the correct size is? The desirable size is another thing.

Okay. I will eMail with properly scaled PDFs.

Even though it is scalable, if the graphic is supposed to be X ft/in but appears at Y ft/in, kind of defeats the point of exporting at the desired scale. To make it work this way, I would also have to include scaling bars so I will know when it is the proper size (which I did for a while). PDFs of the same graphic come in at the correct scale but, since the graphic spans multiple pages, I was hoping to do in one SVG (much cleaner, efficient, and accurate).

Got an answer for this and way to handle oddness with units. Worked perfectly.