Switch OG into Presentation mode by AppleScript?

Is it possible to do this?


While this isn’t specifically possible using the OmniGraffle AppleScript options, I’d try using keystroke in System Events as follows.

Open the OmniGraffle document to the canvas you want to start on.
Hold down Option + Command keys then press + P to start the presentation.
Option & Command Keys up.
Then press the down/up arrows to navigate canvases or the right/left arrow key to navigate artboards.
Press escape to exit presentation.
Close document.

There are some examples of this kind of script at https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/AppleScript_Programming/System_Events if you might like to try it.

I mostly stay on the JavaScript side of scripting, but I’d love to hear back if this approach worked or not. If this approach isn’t viable, please send us a feature request from Contact Omni to add presentation mode to our AppleScript library.