Switch tab kb shortcut and create project from task

#1 - what’s the keyboard shortcut to switch between tabs?

#2 - I have a task called “Clean Garage” in the inbox - I’d like to make it a project under Personal folder called “Clean Garage” - how do I do that? At the moment, I’m drag-and-dropping the task in the Projects tab and then going there drag-and-dropping it in the “Personal” folder and the changing sequence etc. - I’m sure there’s a better way to do this.


Hi there @henders! Thanks for using OmniFocus.

  1. By default, you can use Command and the number keys to switch tabs: ⌘1 is the Inbox, ⌘2 is Projects, etc.
  2. The keyboard shortcut to promote an item to a project is ⌘! (command-shift-1). Unfortunately, there’s not a quick way to place this project into a specific folder, so you may still need to rearrange it within the Projects tab – but the shortcut will save you one drag-and-drop iteration, at least.

Hope that helps!


Re #1: when I say tab, I mean the tab I get when I press option-command-T. What’s the keyboard shortcut to cycle through these tabs?

Ah, those tabs! OmniFocus doesn’t assign a keyboard shortcut to them by default, but the names of the menu items (in the Window menu) are Show Previous Tab and Show Next Tab. You could assign your own shortcut to these items in System Preferences.