Symbols in OmniGraffle

When, oh when, will we see proper symbols in Omnigraffle? I’m aware of the “Copy as PDF” workflow, and it’s useful, but it’s a half-baked workaround. Why can’t Omni just properly finish that functionality and add it to the interface?

I would love to see a symbols palette, and the ability to use symbols within symbols. It would be tremendously useful and would be an A-list “new feature”.

I’ve been reviewing PaintCode and their symbols functionality is astounding. I found myself thinking, “If only OmniGraffle had anything close to that…”

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This! This is the A-list feature that will make my team and I return to using OmniGraffle by purchase version 6! Please implement!

Can’t believe this is 3 years old and no response from Omni. I recently purchased OmniGraffle (v7.7) and am constantly thinking of Sketch (which I use frequently for UI mockups, etc.) and how they have implemented Symbols. Are symbols (real symbols, not the PDF link back thing) on the roadmap?