Sync exchange reminders to omnifocus possible?

I’m confused.

At work we use exchange with outlook as the default mail application.
It’s in Citrix/Windows

I use my iPhone and iPad for work purposes.
The only reminder-setting that is the one linked to my my work e-mail.

When I make a task in Omnifocus I don’t see it appear in the tasklist on my homescreen on outlook.
But I do get a reminder when a task is due. When I go to the tasks in Outlook, I see a tasklist ‘Recorded by Omnifocus’ under which the task is displayed.

So Omnufocus to Exchange sort of works…

But when I make a task in Echange I cannot seem to duplicate that task to omnifocus.

But…I DO see that task appear in the standard Apple Reminders App (als under 'recorded by omnifocus).
I did change the default map in Omnifocus (Record>Reminders>) to ‘Recorded by omnifocus’.

Now there is another strange thing:
On my iPad I can choose for ‘recorded by omnifocus’, but…on my iPhone I don’t have that option???

I’ve read that you should only enable Siri recordings on one device. My iPhone is allways by my side so that seems the most logical device to activate this setting. But there I cannot choose the right folder.

Somehow I think these are two different questions?

  • How can I sync Exchange tasks to Omnifocus and vice versa?
  • Where is my recorded by omnifocus folder on my iPhone?

Tasks created in Exchange should appear in your iOS OmniFocus Inbox if you have the import reminders feature turned on and set to use your Exchange task list. That assumes you have your Exchange task list exposed to iOS Reminders, since that’s what OmniFocus understands, not Exchange. When the task is imported to OmniFocus, it is deleted from your task list in Exchange and copied to a new list called Captured by OmniFocus. At that point integration between the two stops. Updating a task in OmniFocus will not update it in Exchange and Exchange does not know how to pull task updates from OmniFocus. You can’t go back and forth.

At least, that’s the way I understand the intended functionality and the way it is working for me.

I suspect your issue regarding failed importing is that you changed the setting for the list to be imported to the Captured by OmniFocus list instead of Tasks. I have mine set to Tasks and it works fine (as long as you realize that’s a one-way street).