Sync Issue Inbox Elements Get Context And Project In iOS - Doesn't Sync Context and Project to Desktop

Long time user. Met team once at MacWorld when you were just a series of scripts for OmniOutliner. Went away down a dark path for awhile. Good to be home.

Using across 2 iPads, an iPhone and a desktop sync.

Been back for a few months. New syncing problem.

Have a series of elements in inbox. In inbox on iPhone I assigned context and project.

I sync.

All good.

Projects on Mac version remain in inbox with no project or context. Nothing doubles up - just these elements don’t pass through the sync.

Our forums are a primarily a place for our customers to talk with each other, but this doesn’t sound like something other customers can help diagnose. Instead, this definitely sounds like something our support humans will want to dig into: any inconsistencies following a sync are something we take very seriously. Please email us so we can investigate in depth? (

(If you’re able to reproduce this reliably, the exact steps you’re using to create and modify those tasks would be very helpful to include.)

Thank you!

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