Sync Issue on Mac Server (10.9)

I am trying to sync OF to my Mac Server, which currently is working with 2DO.

However, when I try to sync, I get the error below:

The (URL here) server returned “forbidden” (403) in response to a request to “PROPFIND /OmniFocus.ofocus”.

Now, it’s possible that the current known sync bug in 2DO is keeping OF from syncing. I don’t know.

Can you sync multiple “to-do” type programs to a common IP/WebDav server like Mac OS/X Server???

Because of the 2DO Sync Issue, I am evaluating OF as an alternative to-do manager (since their other products are so awesome!), but I can’t sync with it either.

Synching has been working with Mac OS/X Server.

Appreciate any thoughts.

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