Sync issues b/w Omni 2.0 & iPhone 2.0

I’ve had two encounters where the Omni 2.0 didn’t sync (using Omni sync), and hence I was left with outdated info on my iphone (Omni 2.0 app). I never had this problem with Things or the The Hit List.

I don’t see any threads about this, so I may be the only one encountering this problem.

Do I need to manually sync Omni Mac before I close my computer? I hope not.

If you’re syncing with Omni Sync Server, we did have a couple service hiccups this week. Perhaps you stumbled on one of those.
OmniFocus on the Mac will automatically sync 1 minute after you make changes.
If you quit OmniFocus on the Mac, it will make sure it’s synced up before quitting.

On the iPhone, OmniFocus will sync periodically when it’s in the background, and start a sync when you activate it.

If you want to dig further into what’s going on, it may be easiest to work with one of our Support Humans via email ( to check logs and so forth.

“If you quit OmniFocus on the Mac”

But what happens if you close your Macbook before the 1 min change. I think this is why some of my tasks aren’t syncing over. Thoughts?

Running into serious sync problems today. Anyone else having issues today? @OmniFocus twitter account doesn’t mention anything. Hm…

@Thomas, the server did have an outage this morning and we didn’t do a good job getting the word out. I’m really sorry about that!

If you’re syncing to Omni Sync Server, the twitter account you want to watch is @OmniSyncServer.

@lizard: Yes, I know. I follow both, @OmniSyncServer and @OmniFocus (and @kcase of course). Thanks.

Alright Dave, thanks. I just gave up this morning because I had to work. I was sure you guys get that fixed till tonight. Great job! Everything works fine again :-)

It depends on what your Mac does when you close the lid. It will usually give OmniFocus a little more processing time, but if it immediately drops its network connection processing time won’t help since OmniFocus won’t be able to reach the sync server.

If this is something you do frequently, you might want to get into the habit of pressing Command-S first to save and sync your edits, or you might want to change the default sync settings so OmniFocus syncs within 15 seconds rather than one minute.