Sync OmniFocus File with OmniPresence

Is it possible to sync the Omnifocus file with OmniPresence? This might sound like an odd thing to want to do, but Custom Perspectives do not show up on a second device. It is a total pain to have to recreate them all.

I tried moving the file and making an alias to point back to where it belongs but OF was not happy.

I am surprised there is no way to sync custom perspectives or am I missing something?

Thanks much.

You can sync the custom perspectives to your various devices but the layout (the perspective sidebar and the toolbar) will not sync over. You will have to manually “star” the perspectives in the Perspectives editor to get them to show up in the perspectives sidebar and in the toolbar.

I think this was set up to account for different types of computers. I can display a lot of perspectives in the perspective sidebar and in the toolbar on an iMac. But I would probably have a smaller set of visible perspectives showing on an 11" MacBook Air.

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Thanks for this. Looks like I also didn’t enter my pro registration number on my second computer so that was confusing the issue. The starring of the Projects does it!


good to hear that you’ve found your solution.