Sync problems after password change

I use OF 4.0 (v174.0.1162) on a Mac Mini with Sonoma 14.0 latest Public Beta. I just changed my password for OmniFocus Sync - and now it won’t sync - asking for the password again and again and again and…

What do I do? I use OF on Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iPad Pro and iPhone Pro all latest public beta - everything worked just fine until my password change…

I recommend getting in touch with Omni Support. You can even reach them by phone from Monday - Friday from 10 am - 5 pm PT.

Tim: Thank you for your kind response. I solved it by moving back to OmniFocus 3 on all my devices. It worked perfectly with the new password. Now, I will wait for the final release of OmniFocus 4 before I upgrade again. The positive thing is I like the old (3) version on my Apple Watch better than the new one.