Sync solutions are out of date


To reiterate a point I’ve made elsewhere…

OmniPresense sync is out of touch with the current norms in the field. It is proprietary sync solution that very poorly integrates with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Aside from the fact that this element remains in Beta multiple major releases later, the bulk of both sets of instructions (v 2.8 and 2.9.3) focus on how to copy doc’s into iCloud or other (I use two already, not counting OmniPresense and other sundry proprietary ones). The norm, as set out by all of the services you all support, is to sync not copy. You should harmonize the documentation across the version to center on syncing solution that you sort of provide, rather than leading with the solution that moves unsynced copies that might (if one remembers) be updated and recopied…

Further, and perhaps more importantly, you don’t really have sync solution. I have scores of outlines on OmniPresense. There is no way to bulk sync a folder from iCloud/Dropbox. I can (I suppose) add each individual document to the “Other Documents” portion of the Locations element. But that is super kludgy.

With iOS/MacOS Notes now having easier basic outlining (indenting of bulleted outlines in OS10) that truly sync, you all need to work this aspect of your outstanding product to avoid low end cannibalization of the market.


In the meantime, look into Resilio Sync. It’s freemium, cross platform, and you set up a sync folder and it syncs across all your devices without the need for a cloud server.

I use this for all my OmniFocus outlines, so they are available on Mac or iOS wherever I go. It also works with every other kind of file, because it maintains the synced folder in the Finder.


Well, unless that integrates deeply into Omni, it merely replicates what iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or others do: you need to copy into and out of programs given iOS’s sandboxing. Omni has started to fix this, allowing individual files to be truly synced within the “Other Locations” tab, but that should be expanded to include folders and/or deeper integration with the various established cloud services…