Sync speeds OF2

I bought the mac and ipad erosions on OF2 today. I set up the sync account, but the syncs are taking an age, and fail regularly. Test syncing between the devices is not working.

Is this a known problem, or is this the level of sync I can expect?

Sorry for the inconvenience here! This is a known problem – higher demand than usual has slowed the Omni Sync Server for some users. We’re working hard on this issue.

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We’ve migrated users to new servers in order to re-balance the load and reduce sync times for everyone. We’re really sorry that this happened on your first day with OmniFocus!

Ok thanks. Something I’ve noticed today is that the system doesn’t auto sync, and I have to hit the sync button to get my iphone, mac and iPad to sync any changes I’ve made, or to dos I’ve added. Is this something related to the speed of sync issue, or is this the system functionality.

I previously used Things, and any new or changed to dos updated across all debices pretty much instantaneously. Appreciate any views.

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My issue isn’t with the sync speed so much as how long it is taking tasks to show up in my Inbox when I email them - I sent messages over 2 hours ago and they still haven’t shown up. What is the expected time between emailing and showing up in the OF 2 Inbox? For reference, I sent 5 emails this morning and onely one of them made it into my inbox (so far).

Depending upon the expectations for this I may not be able to use this as quick entry because I can’t wait much more than about 15 minutes for tasks to show up as I may need to work on them immediately.

Ooops, my bad.

I was sending my emails from two different email clients: in one case I was sending to the correct email address, in the other case I was sending to an old OF email address.

I tried again and the email was received successfully and was added to the Inbox the moment I did a manual sync - proving for me, at least, that those emails will show up very fast.