Sync to my own web server failed in OmniPresence, working in OmniFocus

So I started out using OmniFocus and decided to use OmniOutliner as well. I liked that I could sync OmniFocus to my own web server and assumed I would be able to do the same with OmniOutliner. After spending 45 minutes searching for the sync options that are in OmniFocus, I then discovered that I had to download OmniPresence to sync OmniOutliner–what a PITA.

I used the same exact information from OmniFocus in the OmniPresence setup and this is the error message that I received:

We could not connect to your selected cloud location.

WebDAV server failed conformance test.

Move without overwrite should fail when moving a directory to a location that is already in use.

—Sheesh! Shouldn’t the same settings apply! Please help me figure this one out as I would rather be getting my actual work done instead of trying to make the application work. Thanks!

any updates to this?

I too was disappointed to find that I needed OmniPresence to sync