Sync with Redmine

We’re currently using Redmine to track both software and production projects. At the bosses prompting, I spent a fair bit of time last week looking for improvements to the Gantt chart capabilities in Redmine, or for a similar product (Trac, Jira, etc) that does Gantt “well enough.” Sadly I didn’t find any. We’re all Mac heads here, so the first possibility that leapt to mind is to be able to connect a Redmine project to an OmniPlan project, and to be able to round-trip the tasks between the two, so we can do scheduling and levelling in OmniPlan, which shines at this, and use Redmine to track the changes to the “parts,” whether they’re software or hardware, and the associated tests and procedures.

Does OmniPlan have any sort of API that might be used to do this? Is there a document on the pub/sub API, for instance?

You’d want to use OmniPlan’s AppleScript API, I think. Then you can choose your script to run as a custom action in your pub/sub list.

That would not be a great solution, we’d have to AppleScript access to the Redmine web app, which is pretty much an insane choice. Oh well, I guess OmniPlan isn’t our solution.

The AppleScript could probably launch whatever other script or tool you wanted once it had extracted the data from OmniPlan. (Or grab the data to feed into OmniPlan.)