Synced events in the calendar not adjusting to actual work hours i

Hi everyone,

First, my apologies for my english since it’s not my first language.

I’m trying to to get omniplan’s tasks published as events in my calendar in order to be able to block time to work on a certain project. I’ve found that when I publish a multi day task in my calendar, instead adjusting the events created to my actual work hours assigned in my omniplan’s calendar view it creates a full event that spans from the starting day to the ending day.

Let’s say my work hours are from 0800 to 1300 - lunch break and 1400 to 1600: That’s 7 hours total.

If I assign myself a 8 hours task starting at 0800 and ending next day at 09:00 when I publish this task to my calendar I get one block event of 25 hours resulting something like this:


But what I consider optimal since one can assign work hours should be something like this:

Can Omniplan publishing options be configured in order to publish multiple events for a given tasks adjusted to the predefined work hours?

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Apparently I can just upload one image per post. Here’s the first example. Hope this makes sense.


@miguelmonf Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this! Unfortunately, OmniPlan’s calendar sync publishing & subscription action does not currently support breaking tasks up into “work periods,” which I think is what you’re looking to do (this option is available in OmniPlan’s calendar Export options). We have an open request to implement this functionality in the future - I’ll attach your post to it!

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Hi @ains any update on this request? Has it been worked on in the last few years? Maybe it’s in OmniPlan 4 😊

Just thought I might bump this thread! The Work Period export option inside of the .ics file export is super useful, and would be a great fit for my workflow when using the sync calendar action!

I can’t see it anywhere in OP4’s change logs, and I expired my OP4 trial a long time ago so I’m not sure if it’s already there like @mellson had mentioned , but I would make the jump from OP3 to OP4 for that!