Syncing Across Apple IDs?


A while ago I purchased OmniFocus 2 for Mac with my parents Apple ID.

Recently, I switched from using my parents Apple ID, to my own and am looking to downloading the iPhone version as well.

I intend to use the same OmniSync acct.

My Question is: will using separate Apple IDs affect the way OmniFocus works – and specifically the way it syncs.

Sorry if this is a silly or obvious question, (I suspect it will have no effect) but I want to be sure before I spend $45.


If you want a definitive answer from OmniGroup calling the support number is likely to get you the fastest response. It is mostly us users lurking here :-)

My understanding is that the credentials for the OmniSync server (ID & Password) are totally separate from anything to do with icloud and appleID. I use a directly purchased (from OmniGroup) mac version and app store iOS versions without any difficulty.

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@PhilRob is correct. They are separate.

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