Syncing Custom Perspectives

Is there a way to easily sync my custom perspectives from my Macbook Air to my iMac. I have built numerous perspectives, which have now automatically synced to my iPhone and iPad with the Pro upgrade, but they have not synced to my iMac. All of my devices Omnisync server.

Any ideas… or do I need to rebuild all of the perspective on my iMac?



Hi there! Sorry about the trouble. If you have the Pro upgrade for OmniFocus installed on both of your Macs, your perspectives should have synced automatically – much like they did for your iPhone and iPad.

Can you double-check that Pro is installed on your iMac? Under the OmniFocus menu, choosing About OmniFocus should bring up a new window with version information; if Pro is set up correctly, you’ll see a purple box in the lower right saying so.

If Pro is installed, but you still can’t get your perspectives to sync, please get in touch with our support team! They’ll make sure to get this straightened out for you.

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and are perspectives synchronized between iOS and osx ? (between Mac and iPhone ?)

If they both use the same sync source (like the Omni Sync Server), yes, all your perspectives will be synced.

The only exception can occur in the case where you’re running OmniFocus 2 on one device and OmniFocus 3 on another at the same time.

One other thing I can think of: the layout of the sidebar is per device, so if you haven’t already open the perspectives window to make sure they’re there and star the ones you want in the sidebar. (I don’t think this is the issue, but it may help a future reader of this thread.)


I also have the same problem of synchronizing the custom perspectives of tsm1976.
On both computers (iMac and MacBook) I installed Omnifocus 3 Pro.
No problem for syncing on IOS


I am using OF 3 on iOS and OS X, I sync on omni sync server and everything (tasks, tags, etc ) is well synced except for Perspectives.

I made yesterday tests (changing a perspective on my iPhone or on my Mac). When changed on iPhone it changed on iPad but not on Mac and when changed on Mac , no change on iPad not iPhone)

An idea?

That’s quite irregular. Perhaps the Mac hadn’t synced fully yet when you checked? Or, maybe less likely, you’re using a different perspective on the Mac? (Like you’ve got two copies of the same sort of perspective? You may have had multiple copies as a result of making upgrades to perspectives if you used OF 2 on the Mac and 3 on iOS at the same time.)

I’ve never had or really seen people with problems syncing a custom perspective (which is not to say it’s not possible).

If you can’t think of any other reason why they’re not syncing, I’d definitely write in to support and see what they suggest.

So thanks rosemary , you found it.
The perspectives are synced but not in the sidebar (and this is normal like you remind it).
So everything ok for me


Yay! Glad that sorted it out for you.

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Thanks for having posted this. It solved my problem as well.

I’ve just started with OmniFocus, got stuck on this. TY for your reply, very helpful. Solved my problem as well. I.e perspectives do sync, I just didn’t see them because you have to “show” the hidden perspectives.