Syncing different Calendars?

So I am using Omifocus 2 for Mac and have been trying to get this to work for a few hours now and it’s driving me crazy. Basically what I am unable to do is have 2 way syncing of calendars. I Have 3 different Google Calendars (Work, School and Personal.) And generally when I add items with a Due Date I just want to add them to Omnifocus and then have them show up in at least one of my Google Calendars also.

I can for example use the built in Calendar App, where I can add all my Google accounts and also the Omnifocus calendar, and it will show all of them, but it seems like it is not possible to push the omnifocus part of the calendar to one of the Google calendar.

The perfect solution for me would be something that lets Omnifocus add calendar items to different Google Calendar accounts, but even just being able to add to one account would be a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this isn’t directly possible in OmniFocus.

OmniFocus has very limited calendar integration. In fact, the only reason calendar integration was ever added in the first place was to provide a method for notifications back in the days before notifications were natively supported on iOS. It was basically a “hack” to get notifications via pushing all of your tasks out to a CalDAV calendar that you could then in turn subscribe to in your iOS (and OS X) Calendars app. It wasn’t ever really meant as a way to publish your tasks to a Calendar for daily viewing, although obviously people who want to do that have used it as such.

About the only thing I could recommend would be looking to a third-party tool that can sync data between calendars, either online (via CalDAV), or just using the OS X Calendars app directly. I can’t think of any tools that do this off-hand, but I figure there must be some out there. It wouldn’t even require a two-way sync, since OmniFocus won’t import changes you make in the Calendar back to your OmniFocus database anyway – the OmniFocus published calendar is read-only, so you can’t even try to make changes to it.

In theory, you should be able to subscribe to the OmniFocus published calendar directly in Google Calendar as well simply by adding the URL, however I’m pretty sure Google still doesn’t support subscribing to calendars that require authentication, which the OmniFocus calendar does, which unfortunately is more of a problem on Google’s side (and one of the reasons I moved away from Google Calendar, personally, as this has been an open feature request for about six years now that Google has never done anything to address).