Syncing to Omnipresence takes a long time

I am new to OmniOutliner. When I make changes to my outline on the iPad – even small changes – like checking a few check boxes the iPad app will take several minutes to upload the change. I say this because the cloud next to the document shows motion for several minutes.

Other apps I use that sync via Dropbox seem to sync much faster. Is this unusual?

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I believe there is a known iPad syncing issue. I experience the same thing on my iPad and finally gave up. I pursued a support ticket with Omni. They are very responsive and helpful but did not have a resolution for me. In some of their emails it sounded like they know it happens to some users but don’t yet have a solution.

It’s too bad because I LOVE OmniFocus and would like to incorporate OmniOutliner into my GTD system but I can’t trust the sync yet.