Syncing with iCAL

So it seems there’s no option for syncing or importing an .ics file or iCloud calendar. Or am i missing something obvious? Thanks in advance. Ian

You’d do that with the Calendar app, then OF syncs with that.

@psidnell I’m looking for calendar integration with Outlook. If this possible? is the Calendar App you mentioned an additional purchase or iCal? I need to know this product syncs with my calendars before purchasing, otherwise the workflow will not work for me.

I use the built in Calender app (the app formerly known as iCal) on OSX and iOS to sync with an MS exchange server (currently Office365) without any problems.

That synced calendar shows up in all versions of OF in the forecast view.

Thanks @psidnell how did you configure that work flow? The reason I ask is when OmniPlan 1st started I did not select ‘allow access to calendar’ (i think thats what it said) pop up box and cannot find any activation within preferences, probably looking in the wrong place.

With your OSX to MS Exchange sync I presume project time lines show in O365 calendars? Does this allow reverse editing within O365 to be reflected in OmniPlan?

My mistake! Thought I was in the OmniFocus forum :-)

I’ve found this which seems to imply sync between OmniFocus, OmniPlan to iCal is achievable via the OmniPresence app.
In Apple Preferences-Internet Accounts I had calendar and reminders unchecked which was causing Outlook items not to appear in iCal. Checked these and Outlook items now appear. More testing needed but hopefully this means items will sync and be editable between OmniFocus, Outlook Calendar and iCal.

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THanks for that will follow up next time I attempt to use omni-plan.