Tab in Quick Entry goes from Defer date to Cancel - not Due?

This might be related to Strange Tab behaviour somehow.

I’ve noticed that when using Quick Entry and Tab-ing around, focus goes:

  1. Title
  2. Note
  3. Project
  4. Context
  5. Defer date
  6. … nothing?

I’d expect it to land in Due date so I can set it too from there. Is this a bug I should report or something I need to understand/get used to?

I am running 2.0 test (v87 r209636). Thanks in advance for any guidance you might provide! :)


This (usually?) happens when the window is rather narrow. If making that window a little wider fixes the issue, then we know about it, and are just noodling over the best way to fix it.
If that doesn’t fix it, please make sure to email these details (and maybe a screenshot?) to so we can track down this bug.

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Ooh, I can resize it! I feel kind of stupid now but for my defence cursor does not change to resizeable-thingy when I hover over the edge :-) Thank you very much lizard for your quick reply! It works correctly now :)

I would still vote to have the tab order be:

  1. Title
  2. Project
  3. Context
  4. Defer Date
  5. Due Date

(skip note)


Same thing. Resizing fixes the problem just for 1 time. Next callout of quick entry dialog gets the problem back.

Product: OmniFocus
Tag: OmniFocus/2.0.1/GM-v87.8
Date: 2014-06-13 11:15:50 -0700
Builder: omnibuild
Revision: 211619

Yes, please make this one a high priority fix: gets me every time a do quick entry.

Please fix this asap, it is highly inconvenient.

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Was there ever any resolution for this? Adjusting the quick entry modal size sometimes helps, but I’ve found this to be very inconsistent at best, often reverting to the same problem of tabs skipping over either the Due Date or Defer Date fields. Also, for screens of a certain size, you can’t make the quick entry window any bigger.

It really defeats the purpose of using quick entry if I have to click on the ‘Due Date’ field to be able to enter any data there. Any help or tips would be appreciated!

I too am interested to see a resolution to this issue. It is really annoying to have to click into due date when I am making a quick entry. Thank you all for raising this issue.

I agree it is less than ideal, but the resized quick entry form stays for me consistently through closing OF or even rebooting. Not sure why others see this going away with a new start.


Stretching the Quick Entry box to the entire width of my 13" screen only makes the Title field really wide, but leaves the other fields the same size and still skips the Due date field.

It is rather strange when it is small it jumps to the due date and then when really wide on a 1920X1200 display it goes to the defer until and doesn’t give you the due date field. I have to shift+tab back to get to the defer until when it is small since it goes to the due field. This is not intuitive and really goofy behavior I think.

More of the reasons I am still on OmniFocus 1 over a year after paying for OmniFocus 2 Pro. It shows header tabs at the top and tabs between them clearly shown. I am in OmniFocus 2.2.5, I’d think at this point they would have the functions we had before worked out/in.

I agree with this order, but I do like the note and would like to be able to add time there as well. Sounds like a preference option to be added.

Update: 2.3 came out today and the titles thankfully all show but the tab jumps straight to the notes field and shift tab works until you type something in and then neither tab nor shift tab lets you jump to the next field.