Tab Key No Longer Works in Input Windows

The tab key lo longer moves to the next category in the input windows.

I had changes the hidden preference to allow for multiple entries in the quick entry window,(omnifocus:///change-preference?QuickEntryMultiEntryMode=1), and am not certain if the tab key stopped working at the same time.

I have since changed back to single entry in the quick entry window, (omnifocus:///change-preference?QuickEntryMultiEntryMode=0) but the tab key function has not returned.

Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.

I’ve not seen this exact behaviour, just that I’m unabke to tab through all fields in the quick entry window. (Just until the defer date)
So I’m very interested in a solution.

Have you emailed Omni tech support?

As I often do, I simply overlooked the obvious. I noticed this behavior in Omnifocus and immediately concluded the issue was with the software.

As it turns out, the Tab key on my keyboard just stopped working. New keyboard, problem solved.

Janov, you might try looking at the “General” tab in the Omnifocus preferences. The tab key acts differently depending on whether you choose “Classic Mode” or “Modern Mode.”

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