Tab key skips field again


I refer to the old problem: Tab key skips field - #5 by laucha

Unfortunately I have the problem again - this time I couldn’t see a pattern yet when it occurs.
However, I have noticed the following behavior.
I could only jump to the defer date. On the next TAB it did not switch to due but highlighted the entire row. After deleting the tag, I already could not even jump to the defer field - so everything shifted to the left by deleting the tag.

This is really annoying - I hope you can adjust and fix the problem soon.

Same here. Tab key randomly skips the Due Date field. This bug has been around for a couple updates. I keep hoping it will be fixed.

And it has happened again several times. With one task it works - with the one below it doesn’t work - with the next one it works again. Why only some tasks are affected is not clear

BTW: I really don’t understand why OG is not able to finally implement additional shortcuts. This is really something for on the side and nothing you have to wait years for :-(

I’ve never had the problem you describe. Do you have software installed on your Mac that affects how the Tab key behaves?

I haven’t had anything like this in the last 10 years either. No, I can rule out side effects.
The error was originally also confirmed and fixed by OG. Since then, it has become better - but in intensive use, the problem still occurs sporadically in a slightly different form.

It’s pretty much always happened to me. I notice it in the inbox when I’m trying to set project, tags, etc. and it skips project and I have to shift-tab to go back. There may have been a brief period where it worked correctly, but the vast majority of the time it skips the project field.