Tab order for actions in the Inbox perspective

In my case, the most common action that I perform while going through my Inbox is assigning tasks to projects.
In order to do that with the keyboard, you currently need to select an action and press TAB three times (first lets you edit the title, then the note and finally the project).

Can we make the tab order for the project have preference over the Notes field? It’s far more common for me to assign tasks to projects than to write notes and when I do write notes I find it easier to use the Notes shortcut.
Ideally, the first tab press should let you edit the Project directly (even before editing the task title) as it’s also a more common action.

Any thoughts on this? A shortcut for editing the project directly like the one we have for notes could help…


For me, I select the action, TAB goes to the title, then project, context, defer and due.

Maybe it’s been changed in the latest Beta …

For me it’s always been title, notes, project, context, defer and due…

I wonder if it’s system specific for some reason?
I get the same behavior with the two computers I use…

Do you have Full Keyboard Access enabled? (Check System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts; it’s enabled if All Controls is selected.) That’s the only way I can think of that would enable tabbing into the Note disclosure button. Otherwise, Tab should skip over it an into the next editable field (Project).

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I see this and use full keyboard access. Would rather not have another tab to hit but it does make sense to move along the line from left to right and not skip over it.

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Yes, I do. It’s very handy to be able to use Tab to select the button you want to press in a dialog.
I guess there’s nothing we can do then, since the Notes button is recognized as a control.

Could the tab order for this notes button be demoted in some way, though?

Tab order is traditionally done left-to-right, top-to-bottom to prevent confusion.