Tabbing through the inspector fields

I like the overall design of OF2 very much, but at the current stage it seems less keyboard-friendly (at least less tab-friendly) than OF1 in all editing modes. Decrease in keyboard-fiendliness means decrease in productivity (for keyboard lovers).

I’ve illustrated in the following screen cap the detailed movements of highlight (selected area) when I tab through (namely, tab, tab, tab, …) an OF2 entry. Out of the 29 highlights, only 14 (fewer than half) are text boxes; all other highlights are GUI clickables, except one active/completed dropdown, which could be edited from keyboard with arrow keys. Since the 14 GUI elements are not editable from keyboard (as far as I know), tabbing over them does not help at all with keyboard editing. So, could you please tweak the tab navigation to skip those GUI elements? Thank you very much.

(The Quick entry box also has the same problem, namely, the add note GUI element is highlighted when tabbing through.)

tab through OF2

With full keyboard access enabled in system preferences, you can activate the elements that I think you’re referring to with the spacebar. If you find controls that don’t work with full keyboard access enabled, please report them to

Uh, indeed. Sorry for misreporting.

By the way, if you turn off Full Keyboard Access in System Preferences, tabbing will automatically skip over those other controls and just give you access to text fields and lists. (System Preferences notes that you can use Control+F7 to change this setting on the fly.)

Thanks, I didn’t realize this is controlled by full keyboard access. I need full keyboard access to respond to confirmation dialogs, and it’s better to edit OF entries with full access off. Great to have a shortcut.