Tag project = Tag all actions within project?


Is there a way to make it so that tagging a project tags all actions and action groups within said project? I know if you tag the project first then all actions within the project will be tagged, but I’m wondering about tagging the project after I’ve already created the actions.

The reason I ask is that I have certain large projects that I use as templates. With the new tag feature I have perspectives set up for “today” “tomorrow” “this week” etc. I’d like to be able to tag projects with “today” and have the actions show up in my Today perspective, which is set to include items tagged with “today”.

It feels very inconsistent to me that tags are appended to actions based on project tags automatically if the project was made before the action was made but not after. Is there any workaround for this that will keep me from having to individually tap and label hundred of actions on the iPad every day?

Thanks and cheers,

If you’re using the iPad with an external keyboard, you can select all using ⌘-A.

But applying project tags to child actions retroactively isn’t possible, just as in OmniFocus 2. If you haven’t already, email in a feature request explaining how this would be useful to you.