Tagged projects don't show up as available tasks

Seen similar questions before, but can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.
I have to tag all the actions in a specific project, tagging the project itself don’t make the actions show up.
Exclude projects in settings not checked off, so its not that.

Making parallell project
Adding 3 actions

Tagging project, tasks show up in tags if I select the view for “All”, but not as an “available” task. By tagging the actions directly they show up in Tags.
Why are these tasks not available? Am I doing something wrong when tagging the project, or do I need to tag all the specific actions ?

Edit: To clarify, when tagging the task of a project, it shows up in available tags. When tagging the project its in, it does not show up.
I see that if you tag the project before adding tasks, it will auto-tag, but it won’t tag all of the tasks is adding tag to the project afterwards. Maybe you can’t add a tag for an entire project after the project is mapped out?

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That’s my understanding of it. The tag on the project serves as a template. If you add the tag later or move a task into the project with its own tag (or override the tag), the task won’t inherit the parent project’s tag. I’m not aware of any way to make a task do that like it would a parent’s due date or flag.

You are both correct. Tags are applied explicitly and do not get inherited by child actions in the way that the flag or dates do. The tags of the parent item are automatically applied when you create or move an action, but that’s just an aid to data entry (and can sometimes even be unwelcome!).

Therefore actions will never show up in the Tags perspective based on tags of parent items. In a custom perspective you can simulate inherited tags, with limitations, by relying on a text search rule; this was covered in several forum threads.

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