Tags not showing under tag view: solved

I’ve been experimenting more with Tags and, in doing so, I’ve discovered how completely unreliable they are.

I created a Tag called Future for actions I’m deferring past this week and that are nested away in various folders. I tagged various actions only to find that all but one were not showing up under the respective tag in the Tag view. I tried dragging an action there. This caused the tag to appear in the action itself but the action still did not appear under the respective tag in Tag view.

I want to be able to view all actions with a particular tag in Tag view but OmniFocus can’t do this basic thing. Unbelievable.

Change your view setting in tag view from Available to Remaining. Available shows tasks that can be done now, so ones you’ve deferred are hidden from the view. If you’ve set any projects to be sequential, only the first item will be shown as available. Remaining view shows all the tasks to be done, except for completed ones, and All obviously shows everything.


Thank you. That was it. I should have taken more time to think it through. Thanks, again.

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