Tags Perspective on iPhone

I haven’t used OF in a while. Since v3, I have found it to be a bit inconsistent and difficult to use for various reasons. One of them is the built in tags perspective.

The dots that are supposed to indicate how many tasks there are with a particular tag (I presume that’s the intention) is not consistent.

Sometimes it shows how many tasks are remaining, sometimes it just shows a seemingly random number of dots, I think it also shows projects in the untagged section as well.

What is going on here?

I thought it might have been fixed during my extended hiatus but no luck there.

Can anyone help?

I’ve used OF for a long time now, and have never even looked at the tags perspective in such a way. I never even have it show up (it’s one of my “hidden” perspectives)
Your question made me look again at it.

After browsing through it I will keep it hidden, as is the projects perspective.
I only use custom perspectives, and will keep on doing that.
It’s a lot less cluttered, and they show me exactly what I need.

Hi, thanks for your comments.

A user that didn’t have the pro version wouldn’t have a choice about using it. Plus, I think having a visual reference of the tags contents is quite nice. I use the default Flagged perspective for that reason even though a custom perspective would give me greater control.

Also, whenever I rearrange the home screen I can never get it to look decent.

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