Tags shortcut in OF3

Hello, is there way to assign a shortcut to a tag? Once pressed a tag would be added/removed from a task? Thanx


Hi @Iljich! While OmniFocus doesn’t currently let you assign a custom shortcut to any arbitrary tag, there is a reserved keyboard shortcut for adding or removing the Forecast tag. By default, this shortcut is control-command-L.

If your workflow would benefit from more tag shortcuts, please make sure to email in and let us know!

This is probably my biggest holdup with OmniFocus, is the limited ability to navigate smoothly using the keyboard, which creates a lot of friction in my work. In my opinion, at the very least all possible actions should be listed SOMEWHERE in menu bar, so as to allow users to set keyboard shortcuts for themselves depending on their workflow. This seems an obvious oversight, and I know would greatly improve my opinion of OF.


This shortcut either doesn’t work for me or converts my task to a project and then assigns my Forecast tag. What am I missing with this?

Just been playing around this problem using the new Omni Automation, and thought I’d post the results here. It’s my first attempt but it seems to work, adding the “blocked” tag to a selected item. It should be easy to check if the tag is already applied and remove if so.

I added a keyboard shortcut for the resulting menu item using Mac OS’s system preferences.

“type”: “action”,
“targets”: [“omnifocus”],
“author”: “Charles Matthews”,
“identifier”: “com.omni-automation.of.add-blocked-tag”,
“version”: “1.1”,
“description”: “This action will add the blocked tag to the selected task.”,
“label”: “Add Blocked Tag”,
“paletteLabel”: “Add Blocked Tag”
(() => {
var action = new PlugIn.Action(function(selection, sender){
// selection options: tasks, projects, folders, tags

	action.validate = function(selection, sender){
		// selection options: tasks, projects, folders, tags
		return (selection.tasks.length > 0)

	return action;