Take Pic for New Task

I installed this example automation from omni-automation.com.


I got it to work but the picture it makes in portrait mode is added as an attachment to the task rotated left.

please assist.



You’re right. I could reproduce that behaviour in Shortcuts.

Thx for the confirmation. So we could call this a “bug” ?

I’m new on this forum so how /where can I register this bug. (I could not find this code on github.

I think it is a bug, yes. Specifically, it has to do with the “Add Item” Shortcuts Action. Would be good if you send a note to Omni support.

Quoting from the website:

The best way to submit your bug report will be to send it to us via email, including as much information about the issue as possible. We can be reached at support@omnigroup.com , or by using the Contact Omni option built into all of our apps (under Menu Bar > Help on Mac, and in the settings gear menu on iOS).

Sharing an update here in case others run into this for the time being.

It looks like there is actually an issue with the Take Photo shortcut action. Using the Take Photo action and saving that to the Photos app, the image also is rotated. Oddly, while viewing the grid of recent photos the image appears in the correct orientation; however, when tapping to view just that new photo, it then is shown rotated to the left.

As another data point, if you take a picture just using the Camera app normally, then use the Find Photos shortcut action to get that new photo and use it as an attachment with OmniFocus’ Add Item action, that works. The image is added to the new task and retains its correct orientation.

I did find a workaround for this, though it makes the behavior even more confusing. You can add in the Rotate Image action and apply it to the result of the Take Photo action, then use that result for the Add Item action. The odd thing is, this works by setting the Rotate Image action to apply a rotation of 0 degrees. Here is a link to a revised copy of the Take Pic for New Task shortcut

And for demonstration purposes here is the test shortcut I used to observe this wasn’t an issue with the Add Item action. This shortcut uses the Take Photo action, it then saves an unaltered copy of the photo to the Recents in Photos, it also uses the Rotate Image action and saves a copy of the “rotated” image to Recents in Photos. You can then go to Photos to observe that the two photos have a different rotation.

Thanks for looking into this, @valyria.

Thx @valyria, Workaround works OK for me.

Starting the shortcut from the new widget screen results in an error.

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