Tapping in? What specifically in OF 1 is not in OF 2?


Hi. I am nearing the end of a large and long project that involved many thousands of actions in OF 1. I deferred ( 😊 ) upgrading from 1 to 2 until this project was nearly complete, having set up the project management on my fully-customized installation of OF 1. I am ready to upgrade (and looking forward to it). What will I lose? Is there a list anywhere of the specific features that were in OF 1 and are not in OF 2?




This would have been a good “buyer beware” question to ask when OF2 was first available. In any case, as far as I can tell, the only “missing” features in OF2 vs OF1 by now are …

  • no ability to have perspective windows remember the open/close states of panels
  • no ability to set custom font sizes on various text lines
  • flags and checkboxes on the other side (in the default configuration)
  • some changes in Applescript dictionary may break existing scripts

I would not claim this is exhaustive.



The most recent version allows you to set options on the perspective views. This only gives you a left or a right mode. You cannot change the options and keep the flag + checkbox on the right (or vice-versa).

Also, I just discovered that OF2 lacks a way to toggle view states without pulling up the big View menu. A workaround is posted here.



I think I’ve been able to find enough in OF2 to stay here. There are enough strengths in OF2. I don’t really miss OF1.

Things such as faster sync, the Forecast perspective, and perspectives sidebar, and a better Review perspective doesn’t make me miss OF1 at all.

I thought custom themes would be a deal breaker. But I can live with the new custom columns and the current default layout.


Thank you @DrJJWMac and @wilsonng (and all the participants in this thread). I’ve been running OF 2.3 (trial) for a few days … and I’m surprised: I really like the UI (Kudos to the designers 😊 ). Just beginning to work out the differences, but I suspect I’ll end up with pretty much the same conclusions as @wilsonng. I’m lucky in that I wasn’t in a position to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x until 2.3.



If you want custom perspectives, you will need the pro upgrade.

Once you use omnifocus 2 for Mac, your transition to Omnifocus 2 for iOS (with the iOS pro upgrade) will be very smooth. That is useful if you are using an iOS device.

If you use the omni sync server, you can run both version 1 and 2 simultaneously until you feel comfortable with version 2.


Thanks. I use custom perspectives, and will trial (and I’m sure, buy) the Pro version.

I am using v. 1.x and 2.3 sequentially. This works well — especially as I have some macros that work with 1.x and not (yet) with 2.x. Being able to run each and keep my database current has made the trial (and transition) much less onerous. I may have picked up the idea of running both version sequentially from another post of yours 😊 .

I’m looking forward to using OF on my iDevices. I had repeated sync failures with my very large 1.x database, and finally just gave-up trying to use OF on iDevices (all syncing over the OMNI servers).