Tapping out! -or- easiest transition from OF1?

I think it’s time to think about getting off Omni.

OF1 is the best todo program on the market – and always had been! – but I was never able to transition to OF2. It just lacks too many features that were in OF1. From my point of view, we got “Final Cut.”

So far, sticking with OF1 has worked fine, but with each passing OS we have to cross our fingers increasingly tight that nothing breaks. There will come a day – maybe very soon – when Omni will go “full Quark,” and we’ll have the choice between keeping OF1 but leaving our OS frozen in time . . . or abandoning OF1 just so we can upgrade our OS.

In anticipation of that day, what are the programs people have transitioned to that seem to work OK? Specifically, I am looking for something that can accept an import from Omni, because Lord knows I don’t want to manually re-enter a couple of hundred items, re-make repeating events, etc.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I know that Things has an OmniFocus importer, but I’m not sure that Things is what you’re looking for (especially not knowing what is missing for you in OF2).

I suppose that you have tried OF2 and found that there were limitations that you couldn’t get used to. Still, I would just like to say that I decided to upgrade to OF2 and learn to handle the limitations - and I can’t think of getting back, or elsewhere. I still hope for some features in OF2, but every time I start OF1, I realize how much I prefer the clean, smart and elegant solutions and presentations in OF2, and how much more efficient they make me work with the app. I doubt that other task managers would do it better, but that’s just my thought.

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