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Please restore the Forecast Calendar View from Omni Focus 2 with a clear and helpful view across the day. The Omni Focus list view is useless to me and a bad substitution of what existed in 2


Could you explain what differences between OF2 and OF3 make it difficult for you to work with Forecast View?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to submit this request to the Omni Group at omnifocus-ios@omnigroup.com

I imagine they mean having everything from your calendar listed as an “item” in the view, which clutters things up.

I significantly preferred the older look where you see the calendar items behind the view, but you could still focus on the actual tasks.

As an example, I have two items due today, but my Forecast is filled with other items:

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I have a fair few calendars and find that by making sure to just select those where events affect my day makes a big difference. As the events disappear once they’re over it just gives me a better view of what’s going on in my day - long list = today probably won’t let me accomplish much :)

Yeah I can see that, but UI/UX wise it’s a big departure from what “Forecast” meant before.

Also, for my purposes, my tasks aren’t really time relevant, so having them kind of randomly clumped between “all day” events, and timed events makes things worse.

Hmm, in checking now I don’t even see an option to ‘unlink’ my calendar from OF, and even if I did, I don’t know that it would clear the data it presently has.

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In the eye icon you can disable calendars - and in the settings for each device you can revoke calendar permissions if you really want to.

I guess given those options, I can just turn off the calendar, but having an option for the oldschool would be ideal, given how long Forecast looked and acted the way it did.

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I completely agree. The new interspersing of calendar-based events in the Forecast view is so bad that I can’t see the tasks among the clutter. The previous version (OF2) had it right: calendar together, tasks (not events) together. Now it’s hard to glance at a list of tasks and figure out what you can tackle before events or during a time slot when an event gets cancelled. It’s so bad I’ll have to turn Calendar access off altogether. Serious downgrade in OF3. OTOH, OF1’s colouring is possible again: red for past due, yellow for due. Also, I like tags for contexts, but it’s not an earth-shattering difference.

I agree with overall sentiments posted up to now. I relied heavily on the Forecast view in V2. So much so I am considering eating the upgrade cost and moving back to the previous version.

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