Task Column Width Feature Request

Would it be possible to provide an option to have the column widths auto-size based on the content or a way to quickly perform the task?

I regularly switch between my laptop, my desktop, and several different presentation screens in conference rooms. I need to increase font sizes so folks can see tasks clearly and when this occurs, the width between task lines changed due to a large amount of text or predecessor numbers being moved down to the next line in the task table.

I constantly have to manually drag the border of each column to change the width of columns so that the space between gantt bars remains as small as possible for displaying to audiences.

I’m looking for an option in a menu to set this as the default behavior or even a way to quickly double-click a column border to have it resize as in Excel.

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@mcescher We have an open request for automatic column resizing in the outline - I’ve attached your post to it! It’s especially helpful to hear about the workflow you’d find this helpful in.