Task Completed dissapear to Project and others taks completed not dissapear in other project


If I create a new perspective, I can to see completed task today, yesterday… It´s good!
But… In Projects, I want that any lists(project) it show task completed permanently when I mark it as completed , but in another projects, I want that when I check the completed task , disappear on that list.

It’s possible?

Thank you very much

Hello! To see completed items you can change your view settings. Go to the icon that looks like an eye and change to “All” for your setting. Hope this helps!

In OmniFocus, we include a default “Completed” perspective so that you can see everything that you completed without changing your project view settings. Try that perspective from the “Perspectives” menu to see if between that perspective and changing the view settings as needed you have a workable solution.

One other option that might help is using “Focus” to show just the project that you are currently working on. If you select the project(s) you are currently working on in the sidebar and then click “Focus” the other projects won’t show until you unfocus by tapping the button again.

While you can’t set the view per current project, custom perspectives might help. You’ll need the Pro version so you can create and use custom perspectives. Some basic info on what Perspectives can add is available at https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omnifocus/mac/2.5/en/perspectives/. If you want to try Pro to see if it solves your issue, there is a free trial if you download from https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus/.

Hope this helps give you a few ideas to try. Good luck!


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Hello Lanette.

Thank you for you response :)
mmm I known these that you said me. But I want some different. You can to imagine that we are to Perspective Projects, here, I have for example two projects: Project A (with two tasks Task A1 - Task A2) and Project B (with two tasks Task B1 - Task B2).
Then if I go to the icon that looks like an eye, I can to change To Projects show => “All” (it show tasks completed and not complete) or To projects show => Remaining (it don´t show tasks completed) but these only it found to all projects, but it doesn´t work to only for example Project A.
I mean, that Project A shows tasks completed and uncomplete. But that Project B shows tasks uncomplete only. Have I explained well? These it´s that I want ;)
I can show these with images.
I want some like these:

To do this, I´ve changed (in the eye) to each capture image Project A (tasks all) and to Project B (tasks Remaining) but this can not keep both.
I mean that Project A + B show tasks “All” or tasks “Remaining” but I can´t to have Project A with All and Project B with Remaining.

I wait to explain good, sorry.

Thank you for you response!! I would like to do these :) is it possible?


No, it is not possible to show a different view setting for each project. However, you can get close with custom perspectives.

Here is the result of using 2 custom perspectives, one set to open in another window.

Perspectives are set up as follows:

If this option still doesn’t provide what you want, and you feel strongly that you’d like to have multiple views within a window, please email a request to our support humans at omnifocus@omnigroup.com and they will make sure the request is filed correctly and considered by the team.



Thank you for your response :)
Create other perspective like you said like Projects Tasks Completed And Uncompleted can add projects that I want to show all (task completes and tasks uncompletes it´s ok, it´s other option, but before, I said other thing. Can I said this to support? Perhaps they is right and it´s a improve to next version :) This, could be fantastic!! :)
In addition , with this method that you say, in my iPad / iPhone I can not see the perspective created :
Projects Tasks Completed And Uncompleted

An solution that I think, it´s when to perspective Projects > eyes > In projects, show:
Remaining options(defaut):
-First Available

In projects:
Project A
-First Available
Project B
-First Available

*Choose a option to each project with a list to each project to select :)


A greetings. Thank you Lanette!!! :)

You did a great job of explaining here.

To see perspectives in both locations, you’ll need to be on the Pro version on both Mac and iOS, and then from the home screen on iOS, click on All Perspectives. From the home screen, pull down to show the secret bar. Sync your device to be sure the Perspectives you created on the Mac will be shown on iOS. When you pull down from the home screen, under Sync and Settings, you will see a button for “All Perspectives” that you can tap on to get to your perspectives. A description of how to customize your home screen in the Pro version is available at https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omnifocus/ios/2.9/en/working-with-perspectives/ which might help make it easier to use your perspectives. I hope this helps! Good luck.

To make sure that your suggestion is properly handled, please email our support team at omnifocus@omnigroup.com.