Task Dependencies, Parallel Occurrence?

I’m very new to OmniPlan so please forgive me if this is an easy answer but I was unable to find one in my searches.

What I am trying to do is define a series of tasks that can start at any time and occur in any order within a group but will not happen at the same time (they can’t really because they will all be done by one person). The closest that I have been able to get is pictured below:

What I end up with is an accurate “effort” level but not an accurate “duration”. What would anyone recommend as a way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

@crichton007It sounds like you need to assign a resource to your tasks, then level your project! If the same resource is assigned to each of these tasks at 100%, resource leveling will schedule the tasks so that only one occurs at a time. How to assign resources to tasks and level your project is covered in steps 11 & 13 of our tutorial.

Hope this helps!

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To add to Ainsley’s point - if you don’t know exactly who will do the work, you can create a generic resource to show the impact. Then, if relevant, you can replace the heroic resource with a real person later on.

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Thanks! I was thinking of trying something like this. Related to this are the dependencies. Does it appear that I have the dependencies set up correctly or will that matter much?

Se the dependencies for 4.2 to 4.7 so they start when 4.1 finishes. The when you incorporate the resource, they’ll sort themselves into a sequence

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